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Sideways Clothing Company

Comfortable, Stylish Clothing that doesn't break the bank.

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Shirts will be coming starting at the beginning of 2011, with long sleeve shirts coming at the end of January! Items like sweats and sweatshirts have a potetional to come in the future!

Sideways Clothing

Sideways Clothing!

Based in San Mateo, California, Sideways Clothing is a new development in clothing to suit everyone from big to small. Sideways was started because of a frustration of comfortable and stylish never going hand in hand. To change all of that, Sideways combines the high quality, extremely comfortable and warm, American Apparel clothing with hand made screen printed designs for a product that is top notch in both style and comfort. If you've ever been unsatsified with clothing because it wasn't warm or was not your style, Sideways is for you!

New Styles Coming Soon!

Check out under the Clothing section all of the tshirts and potential new styles! If you like a style in the prospect section, Vote for the design in by sending me an email here. Any style with enough votes will be produced in the near future!

Website launched!

After numerous technology problems and too many calls to godaddy to count, the Sideways Clothing Company website is offically launched! Check out every section of the website, and browse around. I worked hard on this and am proud it is up and running! Enjoy!


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