Chris Weir

The Interview

Chris Weir
Date of Birth / Birthplace                 
June 6th 1996 Greenwich Connecticut
Home Resort             
Kirkwood CA
Riding Since?             
2-3 years old
Who is your favorite skier out there?                      
Bobby Brown or Tom Wallisch
What makes you want to ski the most?      
Watching ski edits/movies all summer.
Your ideal day on the mountain is…             
Up the lift, to the park, repeat
Your favorite trick and one you want to work on?
Front Flip and Misty
Your influences?                    
Fellow Competitors
What’s playing on your headphones when you ride?                      
Pretty Lights, Zion I, Glitch Mob
Why Sideways?
Sickest designs, and sooo comfy. What’s not to like?


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